Wynne Gerard Sandosham, recently adopted stage name Wayne Sandz, is a Singaporean singer-songwriter, composer and pianist. A household name, Wayne’s run with music began early. He started singing publicly at the age of 14 and now plays keyboards, bass, guitar and drums.

Besides performing, he writes jingles – many of which have reached US and European audiences and agencies – and has conducted international choral events like the prestigious "Europa Music Festival". His music career has also led him to arrange works for government projects like National Day Parade and for the SAF Music & Drama Company.

His singing and song writing reached new heights these past two years, performing along side artists like German pop group Fool’s Garden, Wakin Chau and Malaysian born singer and actress Misha Omar. He also received a personal invitation from actor Jackie Chan to sing exclusively at a private event.

After two years of performing at popular music venues in central London, Singapore’s Stevie Wonder is now back home playing live at various clubs. He continues to write songs. The independently produced album, Undeniable, celebrates through music, Wayne’s deep conviction that the human spirit has the amazing capacity to overcome life’s odds.

The Red Noodle & Bottle Bar
1 Fusionopolis Place
8:45pm till midnight

Level Up
3A River Valley Road, Clarke Quay #02-04
9pm to 12:30am

Men Attic Bar
11 North Canal Road
10:30pm till late

Yamaha endorses Wayne Sandz (Yamaha Motif XF7)
Wayne is one of the only 2 people to have receive the endorsement by Yamaha
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Late Nite @ Esplanade: The Real Me - 5th October 2012
Wayne Sandz will be releasing three new singles.
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Feature article on 5ive Minute Music
Wayne Sandz: Singapore’s music over-achiever
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KL Club Tour - 26th October to 30th October 2011
Wayne Sandz will be performing some of his new songs from his upcoming album.

Worldwyn Records is an independent record label, which encompasses a music production house and entertainment solutions.

The music production house specializes in album production, recording, mixing & engineering jingles for radio and tv and song compositions.

The Worldwyn Entertainment arm provides consultancy for all your musical needs; wedding, corporate events, private functions and a variety of unique celebrations. Whether you require a solo performance of jazz or a 5 piece rock & roll band, at Worldwyn we deliver you sound advice and a memorable experience.

Worldwyn Records is founded by Wayne Sandz. A singer-songwriter, artiste, musician and producer, Wayne has been involved in the asian music industry for over 15 years. Wayne offers you in-depth knowledge and expertise into the vibrant, live music scene, and will tailor music genres to your individual requirements.